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St. Louis Apartments & The Neighborhoods
St. Louis renters enjoy the wide variety of cultural, family and sports attractions and exciting live music and nightlife.

Learn more about the various neighborhoods of St. Louis below.  We offer a free locating service to assist you in your apartment search

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ACADEMY:  Just outside the Central West End, and 15 minutes from downtown, the community lies within close range of many attractions and hosts many unique activities and events.

Located along the Mississippi River at the Northern tip of St. Louis, this neighborhood has a strong sense of community.

BENTON PARK: Benton Park is city living at its best, (downtown apartments in st. louis) just five minutes from downtown St. Louis. Just a quick trip from the city's cultural venues such as Powell Hall, The Fox, SLU, WashU and others.

BENTON PARK WEST: Bounded on the east by South Jefferson Avenue, on the south by Cherokee Street and by Gravois Boulevard on the Northwest.

BEVO MILL: One of the City's best maintained neighborhoods.

BOULEVARD HEIGHTS: The neighborhood is surrounded by green spaces and parks. If you desire all of the conveniences of city living, but demand the feel and look of small town, Boulevard Heights is the neighborhood for you.

CARONDELET: This neighborhood is packed with history. 

CARR SQUARE: Consists of Carr Square Village, O'Fallon, and Vaughn.

CENTRAL WEST END: This popular residential area just north and east of Forest Park features a variety of upscale boutiques, art galleries, antique shops and bookstores.

CHELTENHAM: Within walking distance of The Zoo, Forest Park, hospitals, and shopping centers. Many of the residents have lived in the neighborhood since birth.
CLAYTON/HAMM: Active neighborhood associations, churches and schools help bolster this safe, family community. Located directly south of the St. Louis Zoo and within walking distance of many amenities.
CLIFTON HEIGHTS: Located in southwest St. Louis with noteworthy hills and prominent natural valleys.

COLLEGE HILL: You'll notice that the housing of this neighborhood dates back between 1880 and 1920.
COMPTON HEIGHTS: Enjoy urban living and the convenience of being ten minutes from everywhere.

COVENANT BLU/GRAND CTR: You will find a wide range of arts and entertainment in this neighborhood.

DEBALIVIERE PLACE: Find upscale renovated apartments and spacious condominiums. Located across the street from Forest Park, two blocks from Washington University, right next door to the popular Central West End, and close to the Delmar Loop.

DOWNTOWN: Known for fine dining, rich and varied nightlife and world-class cultural attractions, Downtown is becoming one of the Cityís most vital and desired neighborhoods. Luxury high rise apartments, traditional garden apartments, rental and for sale lofts offer a wide range of options for would be residents.

DOWNTOWN WEST: Defined by Cole street to the North, and Chouteau to the South.

DUTCHTOWN: Combines convenience, comfort and safety with affordable housing. It is a good place to invest, live and raise a family.

ELLENDALE: Primarily a commercial neighborhood with single family dwellings.

FAIRGROUND NEIGHBORHOOD: A diverse community with a good balance of homeowners, renters, and businesses.
FOREST PARK SOUTHEAST: Offers more than 125 businesses. Many renovations in the past few years have been taking place here.

FOUNTAIN PARK:  Located in north St. Louis, renowned for large stately houses, accessible shopping, convenient transportation, schools and numerous black churches within a stable community.

FOX PARK: Features a wide range of affordable, historically significant for-sale and rental housing. Plus, it is just minutes away from Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden, downtown St. Louis, the South Grand shopping district, schools, churches, and much more.
THE GATE DISTRICT: The largest "planned" community in the City's history and named according to the many ornate gates bordering it's four newly defined neighborhoods.

GRAVOIS PARK: Bounded by Cherokee, Chippewa, Grand, and Jefferson, the community of Gravois Park is a diverse mix of homeowners, renters, and entrepreneurs.

THE GREATER VILLE : Considered the heart of North St. Louis, the neighborhood is home to several religious institutions.

HAMILTON HEIGHTS: You will notice the abundance of brick architecture built between the years 1890 and 1920. The area offers good opportunities for housing and land redevelopment.

THE HILL: Housing on The Hill offers a wide selection of sizes, styles and ages.

HI-POINTE : This area takes its name from being one of the highest points in the City. Mostly residential in nature.

HOLLY HILLS : A quiet, primarily residential community located just north of Carondelet Park in south St. Louis.

HYDE PARK: A National Register Historic District. The community is committed to developing a sustainable plan that will promote the people, services, and restoration of Hyde Park.

KINGS OAK: Its tree-lined streets, flower planters, and green space are in delightful isolation from the hustle of the urban scene.

KINGSWAY EAST: Housing in Kingsway East is a mix of brick bungalows, small frame cottages and multi-unit brick apartment buildings. Most of the one-and two-story brick residences were built between 1900 and 1920.

LASALLE: Contains a mixture of Victorian and Federalist architecture.

LEWIS PLACE: A National Register Historic District. The residents are warm and friendly and many senior members of the community delight in sharing the history of this well known section of the city.

MARK TWAIN: This area is home to many young families. 

McKINLEY HEIGHTS: A historic conservation district located in the near South Side of the City of St. Louis within walking distance to many restaurants and entertainment.
McREE TOWN: You will find numerous brick multi-family structures, duplexes and single family homes. Many of these buildings deteriorated to the point of demolition and the lots have been converted to private ownership, playgrounds and green spaces.

MIDTOWN: A diverse community with a good balance of homeowners, renters, and businesses, as well as major educational institutions and churches.
MOUNT PLEASANT: Offers a rich architectural heritage with a good balance of homeowners, renters, and businesses.

NEAR NORTH SIDE: A highly industrialized area that extends for seven miles along the Mississippi River immediately north of the Central Business District.
NORTH HAMPTON:  Full of charm evoked by homes constructed in the 1920ís and 1930ís, crafted of solid masonry and accented with stained glass windows and original millwork.

OLD  NORTH St. LOUIS: A small, diverse urban neighborhood with a proud past and an exciting future. Offers a small town feeling.

RIVERVIEW: Enjoy nature and city life at the same time with the Mississippi River to the East and the city limits to the West.

SKINKER/DeBALIVIERE: This neighborhood has two award-winning community gardens and is popular with students who are attending the Washington University in St. Louis.

SOULARD: Known as a very historic neighborhood, the residents celebrate Mardi Gras and Bastille Day in a big way.

SOUTHHAMPTON: Serene and appealing with streets lined with trees, with many amenities and world-class cultural establishments nearby such as St. Louis Zoo, Powell Symphony Hall, Missouri Botanical Garden, Muny Opera Theatre, Busch Stadium and many more.

SOUTHWEST GARDEN: This large neighborhood is situated west of Missouri Botanical Garden. Find many apartments to choose from that are architecturally noteworthy. If you are a student, it is in close proximity to the BJC-Washington University Medical Complex, St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Saint Louis University.

ST. LOUIS HILLS: A safe neighborhood where the residents work closely with city police. Close to some major highways in the city to make traveling to and from metro St. Louis very simple.

ST. LOUIS PLACE: Primarily a working-class community, this neighborhood has been the first home for many St. Louis families.

TIFFANY: Very close proximity to Tiffany Park.

TOWER GROVE EAST: Offers a dedicated community spirit with many amenities and city arteries nearby. Known as "Your Hometown in the Heart of the City," this community has a firm historical heritage and architectural magnificence.

TOWER GROVE SOUTH: Neighbors come together to celebrate and learn more about what is happening in their community.

VANDEVENTER: New developments are being planned and implemented in this community and there is constant improvement of the area.

THE VILLE: You'll find a strong faith with many churches who help revitalize housing units. There is an abundance of schools and duplexes.

VISITATION PARK: A smaller, vintage neighborhood that holds historic, architectural and cultural significance. Very peaceful and beautiful.

WALNUT PARK EAST and WEST: Home to many young families with residents who get together to discuss improvements of the area surroundings. The New Sunny Mount Baptist Church is well known for its Gospel music.

WYDOWN/SKINKER: Located on the West end, this is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. Washington University is next door and Forest Park is right across the street. There is an abundance of apartment complexes some of which are high rise, and some that are more modest.





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