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Searching for apartments in St. Louis? Get the facts on what to expect. Email or call us today and you can choose to listen to a pre-recorded message explaining in detail how our service works and what we can offer you.  Follow the directions below to start searching for apartments in St. Louis and St Louis condo rentals.

Contact Us!
When you call our main number (314-821-4999), the first option on our voice mail system is a prerecorded message explaining in detail how our service works.  Or if you prefer, e-mail the request form and your personal leasing consultant will assist you in starting your search.  Either way, get the facts on what to expect in your search for apartments in St. Louis.

Begin Your Search!
Your leasing consultant will help you pinpoint your particular needs. Ask about schools, shopping, drive times, or any other topic that interests you. 

Then we will conduct a computerized search of our database of 50,000 apartments in St. Louis throughout the metropolitan area. The search takes seconds to complete. Several options usually appear which fit a person's tailored requirements.

Explore Your Options!
Your leasing consultant will review all the information on appropriate properties with you, including location maps, floor plans, and brochures for each property, if desired.

He/she will also share with you his/her personal impressions of each property -- quality of the management company, maintenance reliability, unique or desirable features of a particular apartment, specific locations, etc. You are speaking with an expert -- don't hesitate to ask questions.

Choose One!
After a thorough review of each of your options, simply select the apartments in St. Louis you are interested in visiting. Your consultant will verify that the apartments you like are available in your time frame and suitable for showing.

Then she will arrange convenient times for you to visit each one, and will make sure you have the name of a leasing agent to ask for when you go in. In some cases, your leasing consultant will actually show you the available apartments in St. Louis!

Let Us Know!
Your leasing consultant works on a commission-only basis. By presenting your customized registration card to the leasing agent when you first visit the property, you will ensure your consultant will get credit for the time and assistance he/she has given you. The properties often get busy and fail to inform us that you placed with them.

So please take a moment, once you have made a selection, to contact your Apartments Across America in St. Louis consultant and let him/her know his/her efforts on your behalf were successful. 

Start your search for apartments in St. Louis today!





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